CALCA 16in x16in Auto Easy Heat Press Machine

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CALCA 16in x16in Auto Easy Heat Press Machine
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CALCA 16in x16in Auto Easy Heat Press Machine

The Auto Heat Press is equipped with high-quality components such as FCC and UL certified wires and plugs, 16in x16in hot plate, high-tech resin display, project automatic adjustment system, automatic lifting structure, three-stage buffer slider, dual-zone heating engine, and portable and ergonomic design. This heat press machine takes care of all your worries and frustrations!
This heat press machine 16inx16in is characterized by fast and uniform heating. It only takes about 4 minutes to reach a maximum heating temperature of 210℃/410℉. As for the
commonly used 160℃/320℉, the heating time of this heat press machine is less than 3 minutes, which is almost twice that
of ordinary heat presses. Combining NTC thermistor technology and a dual-zone heating engine, this heat press provides uniform heat that covers all corners like sunlight.
Set the appropriate temperature and time according to your material It can press all kinds of clothes, hats, handbags, pillows, mouse pads and other fabrics, and can adjust the pressure. Therefore, it ensures the integrity and bright colors of your heat transfer project!

1. The overall structure of the equipment is stable, the step control accuracy is high and should not be deformed, the operation is stable and the noise is low;
2. Fully automatic control, stable and uniform pressure;
3. Digital control, PID microcomputer control, precise temperature control;
4. The heating plate adopts thickened special ultra-precision line pipe technology, and the overall heating is uniform;
5. Special treatment of work surface, can undertake sublimation, heat transfer, hot stamping, foaming and other products;
6. Intelligent ternperature control of hot press plate, automatic shutdown of heating when not working, safe and reliable;
7. AI intelligent mode automatic pressing, saving time and effort;
8. Adjustable pressure, can press all kinds of thick and thin fabrics;

Machine Type: Auto
Platen Size: 16 x 16 in/400mm x 400mm
Voltage: 110V, 50, 60hz
Power : 1800W
Time Range: 0-180 sec.
Maximum Temp.: 410℉ / 210℃
Machine Size: 16.7in x 20.6in x 11 in /424mm x 524mm x 279 mm
Carton Size: 33.8 x 21.7 x 20 in / 520mm x 620mm x 370mm
Net Weight: 50.8lbs /20kg
Gross Weight: 55 lbs /25kg


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