CALCA is an American brand that offers a range of products related to four garment printing techniques: DTF, DTG, Sublimation / Heat Press, and Screen Printing. The brand specializes in equipment, consumables and software for these processes. It is highly esteemed with the founder having over two decades of experience in the industry. We possess core technology and self-developed capabilities, and constantly strive to elevate industry standards.

We are dedicated to Advanced Printing Systems and Supplies and Our mission is to establish a Different & Easy Workflow for our customers.

In garment printing industry, we continuously upgrade and research more convenient, stable, and efficient production lines based on our customers' practical application scenarios. To save costs for our customers, enhance efficiency, and streamline workflows, we have developed user-friendly visualization software: Fairy RIP software. We also partner with CADlink to launch a co-branded software, DigitalFactory CALCA Edition, that is fully compatible and customized according to our customers' usage preferences.

Each kind of CALCA supply undergoes to thousands of rigorous tests to ensure it meets our expected performance standards. Moreover, we have innovatively developed WI-FI printers with visual operation screens, enabling customers to complete printing tasks using their smartphones, which will redefine a new kind of printing habit. The ''Different & Easy" has become the hallmark of the brand CALCA.



However, the ''Different & Easy" is not only the values of CALCA but also the core of our brand spirit that contribute to driving twin engines for our continuous innovation and progress. At CALCA, we understand that earning market recognition and customer loyalty in a highly competitive environment requires us to empathize with our customers, delivering products unique and user-friendly.

''Different" means that our product and service designs always start from a unique perspective and innovative approach, striving to offer advantages in functionality, performance, or user experience that set us apart from other options on the market. This pursuit of differentiation is not only to distinguish our products among numerous competitors but, more importantly, to deliver greater value and a competitive edge to our customers.

''Easy'' is reflected in every step of our product design, from software interfaces to hardware operations. Our aim to ensure our products as intuitive and simple as possible, enabling even users unfamiliar with technology to get started easily. By simplifying complex workflows, our goal is to allow customers to focus more on their creative works rather than being hindered by cumbersome operations.

Want to learn more about CALCA? Please look forward to the following recent exhibitions. Welcome to experience our CALCA DTF printing system with WI-FI.

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CALCA has an excellent agent team from all over the world, and we faithfully welcome you to join us and become one of them.

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